Sugar is approximately 5 years old & 5lbs. She is playful and sweet. She likes to play with her chew toys and with other dogs. She loves to be on your lap and is ready to potty the moment you take her out. She usually snuggles by herself on her pillow/bed during the day when I am working. She is cautious in getting to know new surroundings & people, but once she feels comfortable, she will shower you with affection. She will thrive with an adult/couple that is looking for a best friend. She loves to be by your side or sit on your lap when it's time to relax on the couch. She will surely bring so much joy into her furever family!
Luci was born in June, 2013. She was discovered by 2 kind people on July 1st, 2013, during a heatwave, on a corner of Pacific Coast Highway, tied up in a plastic grocery bag. She weighed less than one pound. She was approximately 4 weeks old, starving & terrified. It took a lot of work to bring her out of her shell. She is still timid with new people but once she knows you, she has a beautiful personality. She is very petite! She looks like a permanent kitten. She is affectionate & talkative. She has the sweetest quiet, squeaky voice. She loves to knead on your lap for a few minutes at a time, stop by for the occasional pat on the head & follow you around the house to see what you're up to. She is very comfortable with all other animals, even large dogs. She loves to cuddle with her other foster kitties. She will require a patient adopter who will take their time getting to know her, but the sweet girl inside that shell is so worth it!
Gary Wagner
2pm - 7pm
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4:10 PM Esther Phillips
Can't Trust Your Neighbor With Your Baby
4:01 PM Jimi Hendrix
Red House
3:56 PM Denise Lasalle
Your Husband's Cheatin' On Us
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