“You Got To Move…”
In 2008, the Festival makes the move to an audience-friendly new venue, the tree-lined lawns of the Rainbow Lagoon Park, directly across from the Long Beach Marina and the cooling breezes of the Pacific.

“Eat More Chicken Than Any Man Ever Seen…”
In order to fully satisfy you (including, but not limited to head, mouth, stomach and feet), this year’s edition of the Festival will feature not only (of course) a ton of blues music --with some funk and soul thrown in for good measure-- but also a wide selection of top quality comestibles and beverages for your eating and beveratin’ pleasure.

“Been Loving You So Long…”
In its three decades of existence, the Long Beach Blues Festival has become one of the country’s pre-eminent blues music events, presenting a virtual who’s who of the genre. As a major fundraiser for publicly-supported radio station KKJZ, the Festival serves not only as an annual weekend devoted to a classic American music form, but also to enhance and sustain both jazz and the blues on the air all year long.

The Long Beach Blues Festival is produced by Bill Silva Presents and Rum & Humble
The Festival’s Executive Producers are Global Jazz, Inc. and Cal State University Long Beach