Frequently Asked Listener Questions
  1. Where does my pledge money go?
  2. To support the station, replace equipment, maintain the music library, stream the station online, provide four paid student internships and four scholarships for jazz students at CSULB, and to help us continue to broadcast jazz and blues as the only jazz and blues station in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

  3. What is included in my membership?
  4. If you subscribe at the basic membership ($40), you will receive a year's subscription to the members-only electronic newsletter, Jazz and Blues News, plus a KJazz Club Card which offers discounts at various businesses in the LA and Orange County areas. If you pledge at $88 or more, you are eligible for a thank-you gift. Part or all of your contribution is tax deductible, depending on whether a thank-you gift is received and the value of that thank-you gift.

  5. When will my credit card be charged?
  6. Within a few days of the pledge. If you are paying in installments, they will be taken from your card within the first week of every month.

  7. How long will it take for me to get my gift?
  8. 6-8 weeks, if you pay your pledge in one payment or pay the fair market value for the gift up front. If you pay in installments it may be as much as three months. Once we've received the fair market value for the gift we will send it out. iPods and iPod Nanos are on a different schedule which is outlined in the iPod section of the handbook.

  9. When do the sweepstakes end?
  10. The daily sweepstakes (for Monday through Friday) end at 11:59pm on each weekday.

    The Grand Prize and The New Member Sweepstakes end at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the drive (Sunday, Nov 10th). The Chuck Cecil Swingin' Years Sweepstakes ends at 10:15 a.m. on the last Sunday of the drive (Nov. 10th). The Jazz on the Latin Side Sweepstakes ends at 10:15 p.m. on the last Saturday of the drive (Nov. 9th). The Sundays with Sinatra Sweepstakes ends at 12:15 p.m. on the last Sunday of the drive (Nov. 10th).

  11. If I want another gift do I have to make an additional pledge at the level required for the gift (for example, $176 for two KJazz baseball caps each at the $88 level of membership)?
  12. Yes. We don't sell our thank-you gifts separate from membership.

  13. I have already pledged once this year and my membership has not yet expired. Can I have my membership extended one year from my current expiration date?
  14. Any contributions made within the first 10 months of a one year membership are considered additional contributions for the year and do not extend the membership.

  15. I pledged during your last drive, and I haven’t received anything. What should I do?
  16. Please call our Member Services Department at 310-478-5061. You can also email the department at

  17. I am on my cell phone. Can you put my name down for those tickets or that gift certificate and I will call back?
  18. NO! We're sorry, but for tickets and gift certificates we have to get all your information now. It's a first come, first served kind of thing. You are welcome to try back later. If the tickets/gift certificate you're interested in is out then we'll have other things available.

  19. If I hear another premium on the air later and want to switch, can I do that?
  20. No. This will have to be done as a separate pledge.

  21. When does the fundraiser end?
  22. Nov. 10th, 2013, 11:59 p.m. However, you are more than welcome to donate to KJazz throughout the year.

  23. How do I get a receipt for my donation?
  24. You will receive one in the mail automatically; if you provide an email address you also will receive an electronic verification of your donation immediately.

  25. How do I deduct my donation from my taxes?
  26. You will receive a tax receipt in the mail with information and the California State University, Long Beach Research Foundation tax ID number. This will be mailed out in the beginning of next year.

  27. What is the club card and where can I use it?
  28. There’s a list online of the club card merchants. Go to (we also have a list at the end of the handbook).

  29. How long will it take to get my club card?
  30. 4-6 weeks.

  31. How will my pledge show up on my credit card statement?
  32. As “KKJZ / CSULB Research Foundation”

  33. How long is my membership good for?
  34. One year from the date of the pledge.

  35. How often can I win tickets from KJazz?
  36. You are eligible again for tickets and other contests 60 days after winning.

  37. I can’t get the KJazz signal at work/home, how else can I listen?
  38. We are streaming online at

  39. I own a restaurant/store/company, can I donate a gift to the pledge drive?
  40. Depending on when you call we may not be able to do anything for the current drive, but please call 310-478-5061 and we'd be happy to work something out for the next drive. If your business would like to offer a matching pledge, we'd be happy to do that this drive.

  41. I work for a company that will match my contribution. How do I do that?
  42. Please talk to your HR department. They will have a form for you to fill out. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here at KJazz to initiate the process.

  43. Isn’t KJazz owned by a for-profit company now?
  44. No. The station is still owned by the California State University, Long Beach Research Foundation, a non-profit organization. KKJZ Fundraising, Inc. is responsible for the fundraising process but the proceeds still go to support KJazz. KKJZ Fundraising, Inc. is a registered commercial fundraiser that conducts fundraising activities on behalf of the California State University, Long Beach Research Foundation for the benefit of KKJZ. Please note that registration does not imply endorsement of KKJZ Fundraising, Inc.

  45. What was that song I heard 2 hours/days/weeks ago?
  46. All our playlists are archived for one week on our website,

  47. Is it fun to volunteer at KJazz?
  48. YES! (At least we hope that’s your response. If not, let us know what we can do better.)

  49. How do I sign up to volunteer?
  50. Send an email to You'll be emailed back with information. We can not accept new volunteers once the pledge drive has started, but we will put you on the list to receive information about the next pledge drive.

  51. I'm a musician; will KJazz play my music on the air?
  52. You can submit a copy of your cd to the station and we will check it out. You can look up your music on our playlists to see if it's been played.
    Mail your cd to:
    1500 Cotner Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

  53. May I speak with one of the DJs?
  54. Sorry, but during the drive they are too busy to take calls.

  55. What is happening with the Blues Live Events that KJazz presents such as the Blues Bash?
  56. We are proud to have just produced another KJazz Blues Bash, which was over this past Labor Day weekend. We are committed to presenting blues music through smaller events in the community.

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